Subscription plugin of Danidek for Virtuemart.

Subscription plugin of Danidek for Virtuemart. Sell a subscription product in Virtuemart and show parts of articles for the ones who purchased it recently. All others will see different contet as your choice.

How to use?

Create a product in Virtuemart and setup it for selling.

Write your artivcle what will contain a paid part. Add the ddvmsubs plugin like this:

{ddvmsubs productid="1" subscriptionlength="0" }
This vill be presented with valid subscription
This will be presented without valid subscription

productid : subscription virtuemart product id (not SKU)
subscriptionlength : validity length of subscription in days
lengthfieldname : VM custom field name what overrides subscriptionlength. Set this custom field for the corresponding product.

If you want you can create a custom field in Virtuemart. It will contain the length of your subscription. You have to set it for all subscription product. Copy the field name to lengthfieldname. It will override the value in your document.

There are some default values in the plugin configuration page too and a debug option.

Download it from here!